New Look Blush Baked Face Powder

I have to say New Look is not on my usual list of places to shop for makeup however with their beauty range growing in size I couldn’t resist having a little nosy. I was actually very impressed with their range and was instantly attracted to their baked blushes.

They have 5 products in the baked blush range which you can find HERE , they are all lovely and I am sure there’s a shade for everyone. These have a very subtle shimmer running through them which are perfect if you are looking for a dewy/ glowing look. Morocan Rose caught my eye as it looks very similar to Mac’s now discontinued Stereo Rose (which I am still totally pissed about) and as soon as I swatched it, it went straight into my basket!

So I haven’t owned Stereo Rose in quite some time, so I’m not sure I would say it’s a dupe however this is by far the closest match I have come across and at  £7.99 I’m so over the moon with this purchase.

The pigmentation is fantastic and it wears very well. Morocan Rose instantly illuminates the cheek bones which I love. The photos I have taken do not do this product justice but I hope it gives you an idea of what I am talking about. I don’t have the smoothest skin (damn acne!!) so ignore the scarring.

Have you tried anything from the New Look beauty range? What were your thoughts? Do you  know of any Stereo Rose dupes? We would love to hear <3

Have a great week!


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Ted Baker – Lips Gift Set

I’m not sure about you but I sometimes feel gift sets are a bit of a waste of money and a bit of a cop out in the gifting world however, I have to say this Christmas I received some really stunning sets which has totally swayed my opinion. You may have seen my recent post on the Champneys’ sleep kit I received this year ( HERE ) which I absolutely adored, well I was also blown away by this beautiful Ted Baker Lips gift set. Doesn’t it scream luxury with it’s lush rose gold packaging?

Included in this set is 2 tinted lip balms,  a lip/blush cream combo and the most stunning compact mirror.

I absolutely love the 2 lip balms, they aren’t to glossy but just added a little glow to the lip. This is perfect for me as I am not the biggest fan of a matte lip (as my base is usually matte) and don’t like anything overly glossy either.  I have  been wearing the nude shade as my everyday go to for a while now and it remains in my handbag for touch ups too. I have had so many comments and compliments on the shade and packaging when I pull this out of my bag along with the matching compact mirror.

The berry shade is also right up my street and I find myself pulling this out when I am looking for more of a bold look.

The colour lasts relatively well and feels very nourishing on the lip.

The lip/blush cream combo has the slightest gold shimmer running through it which these pictures are not quite  picking up and it’s because of this I am not the biggest fan of using it on my lips. That said, I think it works wonderfully as a cream blush. I personally prefer a cream blush in a stick form as it’s much easier than anything potted.

Next Christmas / upcoming birthday I am definitely checking out more of the Ted Baker sets as the products inside are great quality and just as beautiful as the packaging. I can honestly say I have used and loved every product within this set.

Have you ever received a Ted Baker set you have adored? Let us know below.

Have a great week BeauTeas <3


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Rosie for autograph lipgloss

One of the most beautiful items I was lucky to receive from my M&S beauty calendar this year was this lip product from the Rosie for Autograph! When I initially saw this range on various blogs when it was released earlier in the year it always looked so beautiful however before I purchased this calendar M&S was always one of those stores I forgot to go into. After spending some time in their beauty department I realised not only how many beautiful brands they stock but discovered how gorgeous their own range was.

Now the packaging speaks for itself, a beautiful rose gold casing with Rosie for Autograph subtly written along the edge. It is that kind of easy to use chubby stick design. This is in the shade Super Model Smile and is right up my street in terms of colour. I am not too adventurous with my lip shades so for me this is just the perfect balance of nude with a hue of pink running through it.

The lip glossy stick is not your normal lipgloss consistency instead it feels like the perfect balance of a creamy lipstick with a slight hint of gloss. You can see in the picture below that it is in no way overpowering but still gives the lips that little lift of colour. I would repurchase this again as I have fallen in love with the shade and love how comfortable it feels when applied to the lips. The Rosie for Autograph range is stunning and certainly one that I will invest more in. The lip glossy stick retails for £12.50, comes in 4 different stunning shades and can be found here.

Have you tried anything from the Rosie for Autograph range? What were your thoughts?

Lots of Love


New High End Beauty Purchases

Ok ok I may have got a little carried away with watching the gorgeous Lydia Elise Millen and Kate La Vie and purchased a few little items for myself 🙄 but these products are something that I have been lusting over for the last few months and thought my skin could do with a little pick me up! I will do full reviews once I have tried and tested these for a length of time but for now just indulge in the aesthetically pleasing look of the products. I have also filmed a video talking a little more in depth with swatches and first impressions about these beautiful products which you can watch here

By Terry CC Serum in Sunny Flash

It was Lydia Elise Millen that introduced this beautiful product-all you need to do is watch her apply one application and watch her skin transform into the most healthy beautiful glow! That woman can sure sell a product!! Despite being the darkest shade in the range it just adds that slight summer glow to the skin and is the now one of the most stunning items of beauty/skincare that I own!! I have been applying this daily after my skincare routine and it just adds that little bit of warmth and colour to your skin. I feel I could quite happily use this as a no makeup look product. It also has the signature rose scent that all the beautiful By Terry products have, which if you are a huge rose fan like me is always an added bonus. 

Bobbi Brown highlighter in Sunset Glow 

For some reason Bobbi Brown has always been one of those brands that I sweep over and have never really indulged in…….well now that is never going to happen again, you just have to take a glance at that highlight to understand why!! It really is so beautiful that I don’t want to use it! Set in beautiful sleek packaging surrounded by gold, Sunset Glow holds  the most beautiful pink shade with sweeps of subtle gold running through it! I can’t wait to start using this as a highlighter/blusher. 

Becca Mineral Blush in Flowerchild

I picked this up a little while back whilst browsing in the beautiful Space NK and was instantly taken by the beautiful pink shade. It is incredibly pigmented so a little goes a long way which you can see from the swatches in our latest video! Again it is a very beautiful rosy pink and contains a slight shimmer running through it too!

Tom Ford eyeshadow in Naked Bronze 

If you ever pass by a Tom Ford counter beware….. you will want to purchase every single item that is displayed!! The word luxurious is instantly what springs to mind when I think of Tom Ford. I can easily say that this range will become one that will continue to grow in my makeup collection! After multiple swatches I decided to go for the eyeshadow duo in Naked Bronze (literally a thing of beauty!!) Look at that pigmentation!! If you are looking for an eye product that will stand out and wow look no further than this range. I have done a full product review on this beauty in our previous post which you can find here

Decleor Skincare 

I tweeted recently that I went for a Decleor facial and I have never felt so amazing after a facial that I instantly booked in for the next! What a stunning skincare brand, not only do the products smell amazing and luxurious, they left my skin feeling refreshed, uplifted and plump. I have tried a couple of products from the range and will keep you updated with how I get on!

What new beauty purchases have you made? Have you tried any of the products above? It would mean so much if you would leave a little comment down below.

Lots of Love


Makeup Revolution Contouring Precision Oval Brush Set

For such a long time I wanted to get my hands on some precision brushes! The obsession started after one of my usual weekend trips to Space NK, where I usually wonder around swatching everything and anything and then leave empty handed as I haven’t got the money to purchase something new. During one of these visits I spotted the absolutely gorgeous Artis brushes. They felt so so soft on the back of my hand but there was no way I was going to pay that sort of money. Then there’s Mac’s oval 6 which is just over £3o and around Christmas time I just couldn’t justify splurging this amount on one brush BUT THEN there was Makeup Revolution Contouring Precision Oval Brush Set (wow that was a mouthful)!! A whole set of 3 for £19.99.. now you’re talking. The only problem was I couldn’t get  this set anywhere before Christmas, it appeared out of stock in most Superdrug’s within a 50 mile radius and also out of stock online. However,  I have now finally managed to get my hands on this set post Christmas …yipee! So what are my thoughts…….

You get 3 brushes of different sizes with this set which are absolutely perfect for base application.

I have given a brief explanation of how I use these brushes below.

Oval Face

Perfect for smoothing over foundation/concealer to give a flawless finish. I still use my Real Techniques expert face brush to buff in my foundation first and then run this stunningly soft brush over my face to give the most beautiful finish.

Oval Cheek

I use this brush for contouring and find it’s ideal for smoothing and blending cream based contour products. I use the Real Techniques sculpting brush first to again buff in the bulk of the product and use this after to get the perfect finish. It’s basically great at blurring any sculpting lines and provides a smooth finish.

Oval Shape

OK, this picture makes the brush look big but it’s actually quite small and great for getting into the places the larger oval face brush can’t reach such as under the eyes and around the nose.

My final conclusion is these work best with liquid and cream based products, I stick to my usual traditional brushes when applying powders. I wouldn’t use these brushes to apply the bulk of my products but love using them after I have buffed on my products to give the ultimate flawless finish. At £19.99 these are fantastic value for money. I don’t feel the need to buy the more expensive versions available on the market as these do a great job.

If you are interested in purchasing this set you can find it HERE , Makeup Revolution also have other sets and brushes available within their range which I cannot wait to try!

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution brushes? What are your thoughts? What other styles of their precision brushes would you recommend? Let us know below.

Have a great week!!

Beauteagenes xxxxxxxxxxx

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