Reflecting on 2016

2016 really has been one of the most exciting and amazing years for both Leigh-Ann and I. We thought we would share with you our top moments of 2016 so grab a cuppa as its going to be a long one!


2016 has been life changing and one of the most memorable of my life! I have achieved so much and am extremely grateful for all the amazing people in my life who have made the year so special.

Visiting beautiful New York

New York is my favourite city and I instantly fell in love with it when we visited over the Christmas and New Years period! It lived up to all my high expectations and I would do anything to do the exact same week all over again!

Getting engaged

Central Park ice rink in New York will always be the most special place!

Wedding planning 

I am quite ahead with wedding planning! The date is set wedding venue booked and marquee all designed! Just the dresses for bride and bridesmaids and of course a few accessories.

Buying our first home

One of the biggest achievements of our year was buying our first home! We are finally starting to get it to the stage where it feels like home and am loving designing each room!

A new car 



Luna & Fleur

These beautiful ones have made the year such a special one!! They have become such an important part of our family and I can’t imagine my life without these gorgeous ones! You only have to see these pictures to fall in love with them! Nothing better than coming home to these bundles of happiness!!


2016 really has been a year of dreams come true for me and I feel so so lucky. I can’t believe it all happened in one year! 2017 is going to be very quiet in comparison.

Getting engaged

Rome is my most favourite place in the world and Dodi took me there this year! It was my third time visiting this extraordinary city and I couldn’t have been more in my element. We visited all the great sights such as the Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountian and walked for miles and miles! On our last night Dodi took me to the beautiful orange gardens which overlooked Rome. I had never been to this part of Rome before and it was truly magical. You could smell the oranges as you entered the gardens. We sat on a wall, in a secluded area and when the sun set Dodi proposed!!


I feel so lucky that I also had the opportunity to visit Cuba in 2016 and wow what an experience. Dodi’s Dad got married on the beach, surrounded by family with the most beautiful setting imaginable. We visited so many incredible places including waterfalls, orchid gardens, a cigar farm and most amazingly Havana. We also went to the Buena Vista Social Club on the evening of the wedding and traveled there in a Chevy! So much fun. We had so many laughs and created so many memories on this trip and I loved getting to know my Boyfriend’s family (my future family) more.

Our first home together

The day before we flew off to Cuba we received the keys to our first home which seemed very surreal. After saving hard for 5 years and moving back in with our parents walking into our new home and for the first, second and third time (extremely jet lagged) it didn’t feel real and to be honest still doesn’t feel quite real. We are now settled in and just need to hang some artwork and a mirror to make our home complete. Next up, we need to start the wedding planning but this can wait until 2017!

My beauty business

My most difficult, rewarding and tiring 2016 venture! I was determined to kick start my business this year and started by completing my nail technician course early this year and after a few months I found I had regular and returning customers. To me this was such an achievement and I have since trained in brows and individual eyelash extensions. This is still a project on the side of my full time job and my goal for 2017 is to become more experienced and confident in these  new treatments.

What were your 2016 highlights? Let us know below.

Lots of love






  1. December 29, 2016 / 4:01 pm

    Wow you’ve both had such exciting years and achieved so much! I hope 2017 brings just as many good things for you both 🙂
    Amy xx

    • beauteagenes
      December 29, 2016 / 4:16 pm

      Thank you gorgeous!! Hope you had an amazing Christmas and have the most amazing New Year 🙂 xxx

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