Rosie for autograph lipgloss

One of the most beautiful items I was lucky to receive from my M&S beauty calendar this year was this lip product from the Rosie for Autograph! When I initially saw this range on various blogs when it was released earlier in the year it always looked so beautiful however before I purchased this calendar M&S was always one of those stores I forgot to go into. After spending some time in their beauty department I realised not only how many beautiful brands they stock but discovered how gorgeous their own range was.

Now the packaging speaks for itself, a beautiful rose gold casing with Rosie for Autograph subtly written along the edge. It is that kind of easy to use chubby stick design. This is in the shade Super Model Smile and is right up my street in terms of colour. I am not too adventurous with my lip shades so for me this is just the perfect balance of nude with a hue of pink running through it.

The lip glossy stick is not your normal lipgloss consistency instead it feels like the perfect balance of a creamy lipstick with a slight hint of gloss. You can see in the picture below that it is in no way overpowering but still gives the lips that little lift of colour. I would repurchase this again as I have fallen in love with the shade and love how comfortable it feels when applied to the lips. The Rosie for Autograph range is stunning and certainly one that I will invest more in. The lip glossy stick retails for £12.50, comes in 4 different stunning shades and can be found here.

Have you tried anything from the Rosie for Autograph range? What were your thoughts?

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