Champneys Heavenly Days Sleep Kit

If anyone knows me well they will know I love sleep. Some people may feel they have wasted the day if they accidentally or purposely sleep for too long, nope not me. I mean don’t get me wrong,  I don’t actually get many opportunities to lay in but given the chance I’ll take it without a doubt and will not feel guilty one bit.

I was gifted this beautiful Champneys Heavenly Days Sleep kit for Christmas due to the reason highlighted above, it is designed to help you relax and includes a mist for your pillow, temple balm and an eye mask. To be honest I have no use for the eye mask as I have black out curtains, I mean of course I do, I love sleep but oh this pillow mist is literally heaven on earth.

I have been trying to relax a little more in bed before I sleep in the evenings by catching up on some blogs or reading a book. So I usually get a little carried away beforehand and end up spritzing not just my pillow but more or less the entire bed and rub some balm in my temples before I get all cosy and begin reading.

I honestly feel this aids my relaxation and sleep as the balm gently soothes my head and the smell lingering in the air from the pillow mist is a very gorgeous lavender scent giving a very spa feel to my room, it really does smell divine.

I have never seen a gift set like this before and I feel Champneys have stayed true to themselves by offering a spa feel from the comfort of your very own bed!

This would be a perfect gift for anyone, whether this be a sleeopoholic like me or on the contrary somebody who struggles with sleep or relaxation. This gift really felt like a little personal treat and I have been using it every night. You can find this gift set HERE .

What do you use to aid sleep? Have you got any night time rituals?

Have a great week!!

Lots of Love


Tom Ford: Eye Duo in Naked Bronze

When it comes to Tom Ford you really do get luxury. I made the mistake of deciding to have a “little browse” of the Tom Ford counter in our local Jarrolds in Norwich and that was it-I was hooked!! Every single product stood out and making the decision to go with an eye product was purely down to the fact I would get the most use out of it!! However I have already managed to head back to make another purchase since. Say hi to Naked Bronze, one of the most gorgeous eyeshadow sets I possess.

This is actually an eyeshadow duo which comes with both a highly pigmented eyeshadow cream and the most stunning pressed powder that possesses a gold diamond shimmer. As you can see from the picture the two different shades compliment each other beautifully.

So starting with the top glitter pressed powder shadow which is what you first open; its a muted golden shade and the glitter pigments reflect instantly. The swatch below shows just how pigmented it is. Although it is a very true golden shade you can almost see the slight hint of bronze running underneath it. This is beautiful to sweep all over the eye on top of your eyeshadow as your finishing makeup touch but I also love to wear it in the corner of the eyes for a super glam look. It just makes the eyes pop!! 

The bottom shade is a beautiful cream consistency with some of the best pigmentation I have seen from a product. The shade is an incredibly rich bronze and you can see from the swatches below you only need a tiny bit to cover the eyes. What I love about this is it’s so easy to blend, as you work with the product it soon turns into this gorgeous warm shade which is perfectly complimented by the sparkling gold shade above. 

I was instantly taken by this product from first swatch and had many compliments the first time I wore the two  shades together. The brown shade alone can be worn for a more casual smokey eye.

From the picture above you can see how the colours compliment one another so beautifully and the sparkles of the eyeshadow are subtle and in no way overpowering.

The Tom Ford Eye duo is available here and is £48.

Have you tried any of the Tom Ford products before? What would you recommend?

Lots of Love


What I got for Christmas & weekend update

Happy Sunday lovelies! So today’s post is linked to our channel! We have finally managed to film the what I got for Christmas video! The time has flown by since Christmas and I can’t believe that we are already half way through January! I love to watch these videos and thought it would be fun to film. I was incredibly lucky this year and received so many beautiful things. I hope you enjoy the video and we would love to know your feedback. You can watch the video here

We have just got back from spending a lovely weekend at Leigh-Ann’s.We both had the opportunity to head to first ever blogger event in Chelsea which was something we were both super excited about! At the event we had the chance to chat with some fab brands including Juvadent Aesthetics , Ark skincare, and Edge Nails.

All the brands were so easy to talk to and we learnt about their products in lots of details. Ark skincare and Juvadent Aesthetics particularly stood out to me. I am obsessed with skincare and had not heard much about this brand before. They approach skincare with the motto that you don’t have a particular skin type, instead that you treat your skin dependent on what you feel it requires at the time.

They stocked a range of cleansers, which were tailored to your age, but what I found particularly exciting was their range of serums. The different serums target your individual skin needs and multiple oils can be used to treat the skin.

You can see from the picture that the oils included serums for anti-redness, radiance, hydration, firming and also a de-stress serum. For me serums are one of the most important within your skincare range so I thought they stocked a great range. The whole range smelt incredibly luxurious and spa like. They also offer a range of body products too.

Juvadent Aesthetics offer a range of different cosmetic treatments specialising in Botox and Dermafillers. They were so interesting to chat to and answered so many questions. We had the opportunity to look at before and after photographs which were amazing. They both offered a fantastic, warm and friendly welcome and explained the different procedures in detail. You can find the link to their twitter page here and their website here.

Leigh-Ann also had the opportunity to chat with the brand Edge nails; a brand that she uses within her business as a nail technician. They stock a huge range of amazing products too.

The final company were who stock a range of different lashes including Ardell, Eyelure, and Red cherry eyelashes. We had the opportunity to try on some different ones, I particularly liked the demi wispy lashes.

At the event we met some lovely fellow bloggers, all of whom were beautiful and so lovely to chat to. We thought we would give a little shoutout to Beth from mysokohldlife who we spent most of the evening chatting to, so much so that we forgot to enter any of the competitions 😂, we do love a good chitchat.

If you haven’t checked out her blog you can find it here.

It was lovely to also meet the beautiful blondevision who had organised the event and was around to answer lots of questions about her experience with the Juvadent brand. We also met the gorgeous Fran from

We have some more blogger events lined up to visit throughout the year and I can’t wait to meet more lovelies from such a supportive community.

How was your weekend? Have you got any blogger events lined up this year?

Lots of Love


Anastasia Foundation Sticks - Mink & Banana

A friend of mine brought these beautiful Anastasia foundation sticks in mink and banana back from the US a few months ago and she kindly let me test them out and it’s safe to say they went straight onto my Christmas wishlist. That said I can’t say I was surprise when I unwrapped them on Christmas Day. As with all Anastasia products I was not disappointed with the packaging, the black with gold embroidery feels high end. These sticks are larger than they look and you get a lot of product.

As a big contouring fan I have been after a creamy based product after using powder for some time. I like a full coverage finish so have been using my foundation under these with a small amount of the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette to set the contoured areas. I then set my entire face with the Nars light reflecting powder (loose).

I have oily skin and these blend perfectly for me and are long lasting, however I am not convinced these will be great for drier skin types. These are amazingly pigmented especially the mink colour. I think this colour in particular will last me a very long time. They are also very buildable and can be used for both a subtle and dramatic look providing light to full coverage. I find this products applies best with either my Real Techniques sponge or sculpting brush using the dabbing technique.

I like to keep contouring as simple as possible hence why I’ve stuck to two simple colours. I use the mink colour under  my cheeks bones to create hollows, a small amount down each side of my nose and up near my hair line. I then use the banana colour down the centre of my nose, middle of my forehead, tops of my cheek bones, under eyes and the bottom corners of my face! I then blend away! You must be careful not to overblend but also you need to blend enough! It’s tricky business this contouring game.

The only down side to these are that they are hard to get hold of in the UK and can only be bought online HERE or HERE making sampling or swatching colours extremely difficult. If you’re heading to the US and fancy checking these out I highly recommend. I would love to get a stick to use as my actual foundation however as I am not planning on going to the US anytime soon (I wish) I have no idea what colour would be right for me. They are also a little on the pricey side however I feel the quality and longevity make the purchase justifiable.

Would you like to see a tutorial on how I use these sticks and how I contour? Have you tried these Foundation Sticks before? Let us know below.

Have a great week.

BeauTeagenes xxxxxxx

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Happy 2017 & New Years Resolutions

Happy new year to all of you lovelies! Hope you had the most amazing Christmas and celebrated the new year with style and loved ones! As always it’s that time of year that means everyone sets a new goal to start the new year off fresh!
This year I have a few which I am determined to see through! These are mainly in preparation for my wedding in 2018 and just generally in making myself feel better and achieving some of my long term goals!!

Get healthy

This isn’t that I want to lose weight or anything along those lines I just want to be healthier in terms of eating, introducing a little more extra exercise and making my self actually feel better! Especially as I am getting married next year I want my skin and body to really feel at its best so I am making a conscious effort to get in all nutrients that I am currently missing from my everyday food and sort out that skin with exercising! Of course Alice Liveing (Clean Eating Alice) will be helping me out with all of this-that girl is amazing!! Definitely my inspiration! If you haven’t checked out that beauty’s books yet you can find them here and here. They both contain the most fantastic recipes and her body bible has some fantastic exercises too! If you want a little motivation to achieve a fitness or healthy eating goal then this is definitely your girl!! I also have invested in Niomi Smarts first recipe book which again contains some amazing clean eating recipes and her approach to food is so refreshing! You can find her book here.

Sort out my skin

I have never had real problems with my skin however the last year I have felt that if really looks dull, uneven and generally not great no matter how much I spend on skincare so this year I have decided I am going to invest in some good quality regular facials! It’s never something I have really done before I have had the odd facial here and there but in order to try and get my skin looking it’s best for 2018 this is definitely something on my list! I had my 1st at the end of 2016 with a Decleor facial which was incredible and left my skin glowing!

Blogging & YouTube  

This is something that we both love to do and would do constantly if we had the choice! We have spent the end of 2016 really getting organised and trying to up our content for you lovelies! We are going to be posting every single Sunday for the time being to ensure that our content is consistent and of the highest quality we can achieve!


Now this is something that I have been thinking of throughout the end of 2016. My teeth aren’t bad at all I don’t think however there is one tiny section that I just would like to be slightly straightened out and hearing & seeing the amazing affects Invisalign can create is making me desperate to give it a go. I am booking for a consultation any day now!

Build and design my walk in closet

Ok so this is a little bit of a strange one but now we finally have bought our first house together and I am so excited to have the chance to create my own walk in closet! I am a huge fan of homeware and getting creative too so I can’t wait to get this done! Pinterest is fast becoming my daily obsession!!

Wedding Savings & Finding my Wedding Dress

With so much happening in 2016 our wedding in 2018 is what we will be saving for throughout the year of 2017. I have the bridesmaids shopping to look forward to throughout January and then to find my dress-I think this part will really start to make the wedding feel real & I can’t wait!

What are your new year goals for 2017?

Lots of love